Mixed up weather ahead

I’d like to think that this week’s weather is going to make everyone happy.   The reason?   There’s a little bit of everything on the way.   If you’re a fan of warm weather, your time to shine will be early in the week (although the sun won’t be shining very much).   If you’re ready for a cool change, on the other hand, you’ll be glad to get a dose of that by midweek.   Temperatures won’t be the only features ready to do a flip flop.   We’ll also go from rainy to drip dry conditions over the next few days.   So here’s what to expect, south Florida:   a warm and wet pattern followed by a dry and cool stretch.   The weather map shows what’s responsible for these changes.  At the moment, a weak stationary front is draped across Florida.   It’s why we have abundant clouds and several rain showers.   By the way, on Sunday, Miami picked up nearly an inch and a half of rain.   While not yet confirmed, it appears to be a rain record for the date!  Back to the forecast map… beyond our “Florida front” there’s a potent cold front plunging into the middle of the nation.   It will likely drop into our region on Wednesday morning.   As it arrives, it will scour out the clouds and steer away the damp conditions.   Once the secondary front crosses, cooler air will filter in.   Temperatures are likely to fall between 10 and 15 degrees, so it will be a noticeable cool down.