Mighty Maria on the Move

Maria remains a powerful hurricane as a category 5.  It is expected to maintain major hurricane status as it continues west northwest towards The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

On the forecast track, the eye of Maria will move over the northeastern Caribbean Sea today. Then it is forecast to pass near or over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

Interest in Hispaniola, the southeastern Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands should continue to keep a close eye on the progress of Maria. Additional watches and warnings may be required today.

No direct impact is expected for South Florida. Models are still suggesting Maria will remain over the Western Atlantic.

Jose continues to move north as a large hurricane category 1 hurricane bringing dangerous surf and rip currents along the east coast of the US.

The center of Jose is forecast to pass well offshore of the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia peninsula later today.

Models will suggest it will pass well to the east of the New Jersey coast on Wednesday, and pass offshore of southeastern Massachusetts by Thursday. Little change in strength is expected today but Jose should begin to gradually weaken on Wednesday.

Additionally, the last advisory on Lee was issued on Monday. But, the remnant moisture is being eyed by the National Hurricane Center.



High pressure will gradually weaken over South Florida into the end of the work week. Expect most daytime highs in the low to mid 90s today. With a breeze out the east, this will keep a typical summertime pattern of morning coastal showers and inland afternoon/evening thunderstorms in place over us for the final stretch of summer.

Despite, the start of Fall on Friday, the summertime steam will stick around and bring a better chance of showers and storms on that day. With drier conditions returning for the second half of the weekend.

Additionally, we are now approaching the highest tides of the year, the King Tides. Typically in October and November, the approach of the new moon will elevate water levels over the next few days in coastal communities.