Even if you’ve been spending time indoors, avoiding the stronger winds, you probably at least noticed the fast-motion clouds lately.   On Tuesday, those clouds were racing toward the coast from the ocean waters.

Our midweek weather pattern is highlighted by a sprawling area of high pressure.   The high is currently near the eastern seaboard of the United States.   On Wednesday, it will remain strong as it drifts into the Atlantic.

Winds have been stronger near coastal areas and the Florida Keys.   So far, these are the peak wind gusts (including a 34-mile per hour gust in Miami).

Future winds, on Wednesday, won’t change much.   They will be gusty at times while sustained around 20-miles per hour along the southeast coast.   What’s the one thing that will be different?   The direction those winds are coming from.   The easterly flow will gradually veer out of the southeast and south.    As a result, local temperatures will warm up slightly.

Looking ahead to Thursday, we’ll shift our focus to an approaching cold front.   The front will slide southward crossing Florida and in its wake, rain showers will probably be triggered.   The wetter conditions won’t last long and once the boundary completely crosses, the rain chance will decrease.   Unlike recent fronts, skies won’t clear out suddenly.   Areas of clouds will likely linger throughout the rest of the week.

Finally, temperatures will soon fall, again.   Look for the return of the 50-degree temperatures as you wake up Friday and Saturday mornings, at least.


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