Mid summer steam

We’re in the thick of  the hottest and most steamy time of the year.   As we venture through the last week of  July, there are no big weather surprises in the offing.   In fact, it may seem more tranquil compared to the past couple of weeks.   You may remember, south Florida was bombarded with a series of tropical waves two weeks ago. Then, last week, the waves departed but daily storms still flared up from active sea breezes near our coast.   The rain and storm chance will be “more limited” during the early part of the week due to slight drying overhead.   Still, be aware that pop-up activity will still be possible… especially during the prime heating of the day.   Our main weather feature will be the nearly stationary high pressure ridge over the distant Atlantic.   Light winds from the southeast will also continue to be in a holding pattern over the next several days.   In the tropics, weather maps and satellite images indicate three far-away waves stretching from the eastern Atlantic (near the Cape Verde Islands) to the middle of the ocean.   None of  these is showing signs of developing and conditions don’t favor any tropical potential… for the time being.   It’s a classic summer forecast for our area.   Daily highs will continue to rise just above 90 degrees while nighttime lows barely dip below 80.   It’s also worth noting that inland locations will tend to be a bit more cloudy, compared to coastal areas.   That will make for decent beach weather as you try to beat the heat.