Happy Friday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy the week even though the winter warmth took over South Florida’s forecast this week. Consecutive days of record-tying heat across South Florida (especially across the Florida Keys) has left many wondering when will we see relief from this heat? Today was no different. After starting off in the 70s this morning, our afternoon high temperatures reached into the mid 80s today and while conditions remained completely dry.  And while some may not be enjoying the heat, it truly did look beautiful out across South Florida as we enjoyed fair weather clouds and plenty of sunshine all day.

Saturday will be a lot like today, however, there are some changes very near down the road. n The weekend will start off on the warm side with afternoon high temperatures Saturday reaching into the mid 80s (similar conditions to what South Florida saw today). Sunny skies and a warm Southeast breeze will start our weekend off but then the weather pattern begins to change for the latter part of the weekend. Our wind pattern will veer out of the Southwest by Sunday. This will trigger a warming trend across our area (as if temperatures weren’t already warm enough!).

If you thought this week felt warm, then wait until you see what next week has in store for South Florida! The start of next week promises this trend of steamy temperatures and dry conditions to continue. The only difference is that our temperatures will continue to warm! Our afternoon high temperatures could possibly reach into the upper 80s and lower 90s before a weak front tries to move into South Florida on Wednesday.  Unfortunately a cooldown is not expected with this one.  However, models are suggesting that temperatures will drop back down to the mid 80s (versus the upper 80s and low 90s we could experience at the start of the week). Whatever ‘brief relief’ this weak front brings to South Florida will be short-lived as our afternoon high temperatures continue to warm by the end of the week.  And as we continue to experience high heat, South Florida is forecast to remain rain-free!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Erika Delgado
WSVN Channel 7 News

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