Merry Christmas!

Nice weather continues across south Florida.   On Christmas Day expect a mild morning followed by a pleasantly warm afternoon.   About the only difference in the holiday forecast includes some extra clouds with the approach of a weak front.   Technically, it’s a cold front that’s sagging our way.   However, the associated cooling will stop short of reaching us!   Sometimes, of course, these fronts trigger rain showers (especially ahead of the boundary).   This time, the front itself is “starved” for moisture.   A few wayward showers could actually arrive behind the front, Monday night through Tuesday, as a stronger breeze develops off the Atlantic with a tug of moisture.   Much of the upcoming week will be spent in a warm way as local temperatures remain about 5 degrees above average.   The next chance for cooling is now looking less promising than it once did.   A secondary cold front will be moving into south Florida (slowly) during the late week time frame.   Instead of a noticeable drop in temperature, this front will probably cross Friday with a minimal change.   At best, we could see readings fall up to 5 degrees cooler… which would actually take us back to the seasonal average.    Happy Holidays!