Matthew is moving!

Hurricane Matthew is finally moving!   This is in contrast to much of the day on Saturday when the powerful hurricane was basically stalling out, over the middle of the Caribbean.  According to the National Hurricane Center and their reports from recon planes, there are now indications of Matthew lifting northward.   You may remember Chief Meteorologist Phil Ferro saying that a “sooner” (earlier) turn could eventually keep Matthew further away from south Florida… in the long run.  It’s still too early to have a good handle on the long range track, but the revised forecast cone does have a minor shift.  Hurricane Matthew is currently forecast to remain offshore from south Florida while moving over the northwest Bahamas by midweek.   If that trend were to continue, that would mean more distant impacts that are more removed from our area.  Remember, though, we’re still relatively close to the western flank of the cone.  As a result, we still need to watch Matthew throughout the span of the next 4 or 5 days.   Steering currents remain weak. The main concern would be whether the hurricane takes a surprising drift or shift.  Also, the future proximity of Matthew will likely spell the difference between possible fringe weather that could still arrive from the tropical system.  Be mindful that even with a track that’s offshore from Florida we could get outer rain squalls and high surf.   Keep it tuned to Channel 7 for the very latest.