Marching on

It almost seems as though we’ve been “in a pause” since the start of March.   It’s been breezy and mild with plenty of clouds hanging around.  To me, that sounds like spring (although the official start of the season is still several days away).   Parts of south Florida have seen some passing rain showers.   Damp conditions, though, have mainly been by the coast and Keys.   The consistent weather is due to persistent high pressure that’s located far from Florida.   Actually, multiple areas of high pressure have been consolidating from the northeastern states.   The national weather map indicates the most recent high is now centered over the western Atlantic (after a shift).   We’re still getting ocean winds, but they’ve been veering slightly out of the southeast, since Tuesday.   This trend will have our temperatures holding above average with possible pockets of rain.   Wind speeds will finally start dying down as high pressure weakens and shifts more southward.   Heading into the middle of the week, expect some brightening in the sky.  Also it will feel somewhat warmer.   A weakening cold front is poised to move into south Florida by late Thursday or Friday.  Just the same, it’s unlikely to bring any noticeable changes for our area.