Major Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is on the move and causing serious problems for many island locations.  The powerful, slow-moving system is lifting close to Haiti with extremely heavy rain and life-threatening flooding.   Over the next 24 hours Matthew will remain large and dangerous.   The forecast track has the hurricane skirting across the eastern tip of Cuba, then moving over the Bahamas with a drift toward Florida in the longer range.  Parts of southeast Florida are in the forecast cone… unlike Sunday, due to new model runs showing a bend westward.  Even if the core of the system stays offshore, Matthew will be close enough for local impacts.  Beginning Wednesday night, conditions should begin to deteriorate.   Expect an increase in winds with gradually building seas.  Then, on Thursday, our south Florida weather will be turbulent. Gusty winds with numerous rain squalls should be expected (the feeder bands of Hurricane Matthew).  There will also be serious marine hazards, and the high seas could lead to coastal flooding.  Finally, since the hurricane is moving so slowly, the impacts will extend into Friday (and possibly the start of the weekend).