Looking forward to the fourth?

The holiday week began with rather quiet conditions (compared to what we often see in July).   The pattern is likely to get more active, in gradual fashion, over the next couple of days.   For now, weak high pressure is dominating our south Florida weather.   By Tuesday and Wednesday, the high will give way to a disturbance drifting west from the Atlantic waters.  The Bahamas will begin to experience wetter conditions by Tuesday night.  Then, as moisture and instability spreads our way,  more widespread rains could reach Florida by Wednesday and Thursday.  The disturbance is actually from a low pressure spin that will steadily approach.  It will serve as a “cool pocket of air” high in the sky (but, no, there won’t be any kind of cooling in store for us, at the ground level)!   Even as the upper low weakens slightly, there’s good reason to believe that we’ll have the set up for scattered downpours.   What about the upcoming fireworks celebrations?   There’s hope that some of storms will decrease around sunset, on Wednesday.   In this case, it could happen as we slowly lose the prime heating of the day.  Of course, this point in July is famous for sweltering conditions over our region.   Temperatures will remain both steamy and steady throughout the week as we continue to get highs near 90 degrees, lows near 80.