Less rain, for now

August is one of our wettest months of the year in south Florida (in the top 3) but we’re now seeing less rain activity as the new week begins.   Credit goes to a decrease in tropical moisture, even though it’s just a temporary trend.  The east coast sea breeze may still be able to generate a few downpours, but isolated, including the risk of some inland storms on Tuesday.   It will be the kind of day starting with cloud cover that breaks into more sun later into the afternoon.   Of course, plenty of summer heat and humidity will hang around with nowhere to go.   The weather map confirms that we’re in between weather disturbances.   The next feature to approach the region will be a weak tropical wave set to stay south of the Straits.   Upon its passage late Tuesday night, deeper moisture will lift out of the Caribbean on a flow northward into our area.   Rain chances will respond by steadily rising, from Wednesday on.   While south Florida’s weather is “simply seasonal”  for this time of the year, what’s unusual is how quiet the tropics remain!   We’re now less than 3 weeks from the exact peak of hurricane season.   What’s keeping tropical activity at a minimum is the fact that there’s a good amount of dry air over the Atlantic.  At the same time, water temperatures are cooler than average.   In a busier year, hotter waters (absent of much Saharan dust) would feed into the development of more tropical systems.  By the way, there’s no evidence that things will change dramatically as the season continues.   Still, it’s very important to stay informed and have a plan, just in case.