Late season cooling

We’re feeling the effects of a strong cold front which crossed the region on Monday.   For the time being, cooler air is filtering into all of Florida from the north.   Wind speeds aren’t particularly strong but there’s a brisk chill settling over a large area.   It’s all related to the big winter storm (a Nor’Easter) gripping New England on Tuesday.   The storm continues to lift slowly northward over the Atlantic.  The winter chill follows the system as the jet stream dives down.   It’s worth noting that “freeze watches” have been issued as far south as the Big Bend in Florida.   Temperatures near the panhandle will actually plummet into the 30’s.   For south Florida, lows will be falling into the 50’s.   These cooler than average readings will continue until Saturday.   At that point, we’ll be in a transition phase.   First will come a switch in winds… turning off the ocean and then from the south.   After that happens, we’ll see a warming trend taking shape at the start of next week.