Happy Saturday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a great week! We had some rain in the beginning of the week and then a front came through and wiped away all that moisture. But this wasn’t the cooling kind of front because temperatures through the second half of the week remained on the warm side, reaching into the mid 80s (which happens to be near average for South Florida this time of year). This weekend promises to bring some more changes to the forecast and after a few dry days across South Florida, earlier this morning we were already feeling and seeing the difference with warm temperatures and more clouds.

The high-pressure system that rebuilt into our area a few days ago will continue to push farther East across the Atlantic waters. This means that South Florida will no longer be in a dry bubble as we near the end of the weekend. Of course this will allow for fronts and moisture to eventually reach our area once again.  But before this happens, South Florida will get to enjoy some nice weather.

So let’s talk about today. High pressure is still in firm control of our weather pattern, which means we will all get to enjoy a rather decent day today. However the pressure gradient has tightened across our area, which has caused our winds to pick up in speed. But since that same high-pressure system is also beginning to move away from us, the wind direction across our area will shift out of the Southeast and then eventually out of the South later today….And it could be gusting as high as 25 mph.  If you like it warm, then you are in luck because our temperatures warm back into the upper 80s as we head into this afternoon. We can thank the Southerly winds for that. And you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors because rain chances will be very spotty in nature today. Just don’t forget to keep hydrated if spending significant time outdoors.

The latter part of the weekend is when we really begin to see some changes. High pressure moves farther away from us and this will allow a weak front to enter our state. This will cause our wind direction to shift out of the Southwest, which will pump in more moisture and humidity while warming our temperatures into the lower 90s. Some areas on Sunday afternoon may easily be flirting with near record high temperatures. One other difference we will notice is that with a front nearby and with more available moisture in the air, We could see some showers and may be an isolated thunderstorm on Sunday. By no means will it be a washout of a day but just good to know in case you do have any outdoor plans.

The weak front mentioned above will eventually reach South Florida on Monday. But this front will also not bring any cooling to our area. For the upcoming work week our temperatures start off warm in the mid to upper 80s still with plenty of humidity in the air. By the middle of the week humidity levels could somewhat go down a bit while our temperatures reach into the mid 80s under very breezy conditions. But that will also be short-lived as our temperatures will eventually be reaching into the mid to upper 80s by the time we get to the end of the week. A few showers may also be possible during this time.