The calendar shows that May days are winding down.   While it actually feels fairly typical for this time of the year (air temperature) it’s drier than it should be.   The breeze, which is occasionally strong along the beaches, is also making for pleasant holiday weather.   Officially, Miami reached 88-degrees on Sunday with plenty of sunshine.

Our weather pattern is still dominated by distant high pressure.   The flow around the high is providing easterly winds into Florida.

Here’s a look at the water vapor imagery which shows the deep drying that’s over the region.   To the south, more moisture lurks in a line mainly from Cuba south into the Caribbean (but includes the southeastern Bahamas).

Memorial Day weather looks fantastic for any outdoor activities.   Unlike most years, we’re not worried about rain and storms popping up and spoiling plans.

The next weather change is still several days away.   Later in the week, high pressure will weaken and settle south.   In response, local winds will begin veering more out of the southeast (as shown here on the Thursday weather map).    Expect a steamy breeze and definitely feeling more humid.   As moisture increases, then, we’ll probably see the return of rain showers.

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