Happy Sunday, South Florida!

How about our weekend so far?  Yes, it was a little on the warm side but if that didn’t bother you then Saturday here in South Florida ended up being a picture perfect day to be out and about. Temperatures yesterday reached into the mid 80s and it was on the breezy side so at least that helped with the heat. This morning wind speeds were already on the stronger side with South Florida waking up to breezy conditions and mild temperatures once again in the mid 70s.

We have been protected by a high-pressure system over the Atlantic that continues to act as a road-block from allowing any cold fronts or storm systems from reaching our area.  And due to the placement of this high-pressure system, the predominant wind pattern for us has been mainly out of the East and out of the Southeast, which is what has made our temperatures warm above average lately.

The first half of our weekend was warm and breezy and today will be no different!  If you like it warm and if you have liked and enjoyed the last few days, then you will most certainly enjoy what today has in store for us.  Dry air and quiet conditions from that high pressure system in the Atlantic will leave another mostly sunny and warm day here in South Florida.  After starting off in the mid 70s across all of South Florida, our afternoon high temperatures will once again warm into the mid 80s. But with these warm conditions in place many of us will be looking to hit the beaches for some relief.  Please keep in mind that with a breezy Southeast win today, our East Coast beaches will see an elevated rip current risk. Even strong swimmers should swim with caution or stay out of the water.

Looking into the start of next week, no significant changes are expected across our area. We will start off still breezy and warm due to that placement of that high pressure system in the Atlantic. In addition, rain chances will still remain low. But by the middle of the work week, that high-pressure system we talked about will begin to break down and move away from Florida. This will allow a few weak fronts to try to reach our area. Right now it is unsure whether any fronts next week will clear South Florida but one thing is for sure, they will come close and this will allow some moisture to slowly creep back into our area. That means a few isolated to scattered showers will be possible through the middle to end of next week. In the meantime let’s enjoy this beautiful weather that we are expecting this weekend and we will worry about next week’s moisture when the time comes.