Happy Sunday, South Florida!

After a beautiful first week of Fall, conditions this weekend remained mostly quiet (as far as the rain is concerned)!  While South Florida only saw a few isolated showers today, both morning and afternoon temperatures have already begun to creep up.  After a few mornings in the mid to low 70s this past week, overnight temperatures this morning were already back in the lower 80s.

 Winds began to pick up today while conditions have quickly turned breezy to even gusty at times especially along coastal areas. And with a stronger onshore flow, South Florida could see a few fast-moving showers on the increase for the upcoming work week.  And now that a stronger breeze is in place, the threat of rip currents along East Coast Beaches is on the high end again!  So let’s use extra caution if spending any time in the water next few days.

And speaking of the ocean….King Tides are back!  The new moon has caused higher than average high tides, which has caused some coastal flooding issues across South Florida.  High tides next few days will be running about a foot higher than normal.

As we turn the corner into the second half of the upcoming work week, shower chances across South Florida will be on the increase.  The reason?  Remnant moisture from Tropical Storm Karen *could* reach South Florida.  And while we are not expecting washouts of days, we should have that rain gear handy just in case. So while the work week is set to start off mostly quiet, the second half of the work week has the potential to turn wetter.

And speaking of the Tropics….after a busy month across the Atlantic, the Tropics are *finally* beginning to quiet down a bit.  The only system left in the Atlantic is Hurricane Lorenzo, which is still a major hurricane.  Good news with Lorenzo is that although it will remain a powerful hurricane, it is forecast to weaken in the days to come due to cooler Atlantic waters.  That is some good news for the Azores where Hurricane Watches have already been issued.