Keeping calm, but for how long?

Quiet weather is holding on.   It’s courtesy of high pressure centered over north Florida (while expanding hundreds of miles out from its core).   The high is allowing for very light winds over our region.   When that wind flow was coming directly out of the north, temperatures were colder with nights in the lower 50’s earlier this week.   Currently, those winds are beginning to turn off the ocean so temperatures will continue to moderate.   The warming trend will culminate into the weekend while highs may even return to 80-degrees by Sunday.   The expected warm up won’t last long, though.  We’re already following the next cold front.   It’s on a gradual approach from a still-developing storm system out of the southwestern United States.   As the storm lifts northward, we’ll see the attached cold front slide across the Gulf of Mexico and enter Florida by late Sunday night or early Monday morning.   Some of the coldest air that we’ve felt this winter season will get unleashed.   The chill will drop at the start of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.   At this point, we’re forecasting the middle and upper 40’s for Broward and Miami-Dade County.  In the Keys, we should see the rare 50’s on our thermometers.