Our weather pattern is right on target for this time of the year.   As we would expect, the mid July heat has us breaking a sweat.  The sweltering air is arriving off the ocean and the general breeze has been quite light.  Strong high pressure extends over the southeast and has been keeping our weather consistent for the past week and a half.  In this situation, the east coast sea breeze moves inland and contributes to developing showers and thunderstorms.   The wet weather has almost exclusively been forming away from the coast (and more significantly across the far western suburbs of Broward and Miami-Dade counties).  Storms tend to form during the peak heating of the day while sparking excessive lightning and torrential downpours.   We could actually use rain along the populated metro and coastal communities where it’s been much drier.   Prevailing winds continue to steer any storms westward toward the Gulf side of the state.   As we look ahead, the weather story is nothing short of consistent.  Limited changes are in store for the area due to the persistence of high pressure and (of course) the lack of fronts or organized weather systems.  Meanwhile, conditions over the tropics are likely to stay quiet as the week continues.  The National Hurricane Center is not presently following any areas over the Atlantic, Caribbean, or Gulf of Mexico.

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