Just like July

Seasonal weather is in place as the weekend begins.   That means typical summer heat and humidity with off and on rain showers.   We’re also getting a noticeable breeze from the ocean.   Those wind speeds are expected to get lighter during the weekend time frame.   Most of the showers that have wandered into south Florida lately have been of short duration.   Also, these have been fairly low in coverage (compared to one’s earlier in the week).    There’s just one “wild card” feature that we’re keeping track of for possible weather changes.    It’s a weak tropical wave that stretches from the central Bahamas and eastern tip of  Cuba, then expands into the Caribbean Sea.   The wave isn’t likely to get stronger or organize whatsoever, but if it stays intact it could send rain and storms into our area.   The increased activity could begin as early as Saturday night with tropical moisture spreading more storms into Sunday and possibly Monday.    Of course,  the mentioned wave could just as easily fall apart!   Tropical waves are among the most difficult features to forecast because they’re very “fickle”.   They’re known to sometimes fizzle quickly with no impacts, but can just as easily ramp into a robust flare up.   Either way, for south Florida it simply becomes the difference between just a little rain (those little summer showers) or a lot of rain… should the wave hold and continue to exert energy.