In the warm zone

We’re tapping into warmer air and it’s actually coming from the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s a far cry from where we were a week ago, when a winter chill was pushing into Florida from the north!  At the heart of our weather pattern is high pressure which continues to move off the southeast coast of the United States.   Since we’re relatively close to the high, wind speeds are pretty light (for now).   The next set of changes for south Florida will take place as the high drifts away.   As that happens, our temperatures will “elevate warm” through the first half of the week.   It’s also a good bet that we might see some random rain showers over the region.   The radar isn’t likely to get too active… and nothing suggests any widespread wet weather.   Having said that, moisture will deepen once our air flow turns out of the south (late Tuesday into Wednesday).   The midweek time frame will also be our warmest of the upcoming stretch.   Highs should have no trouble soaring into the middle 80’s and may get close to February records in south Florida.   Ultimately, a cold front is expected to arrive (late Thursday into Friday).   The front will serve to cool us down a few degrees, taking us back to near normal levels.