In a lull

Welcome to the summer doldrums.   We’ve entered the time in summer where weather activity has turned “rather flat”.   Conditions are simply mild and seasonal at this point.   High pressure is a big part of the reason, this week.  Also, a sizable batch of drier air has shifted from the Atlantic into Florida.   We’re seeing more hazy type sunshine as a result, and less rainfall.  Because of these fewer bouts of showers and storms, you may need to drag out the sprinklers for a drying lawn!  Our south Florida heat hasn’t taken a break and it will maintain normal levels.   Finally, have you noticed a slight increase in the breeze?  Winds have been picking up from the ocean waters.  For the start of Lobster Mini season, local waters will be at a moderate chop.  Divers and boaters are urged to use caution.  Through the midweek we’ll keep this onshore pattern with only isolated showers reaching the either the coast or Keys.   The tropics are also “behaving” nicely with no concerns across the Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, or Caribbean Sea.