In a holding pattern

As the weekend begins, our south Florida weather pattern remains quiet.    Conditions have settled down from previous days when we’ve been blasted by King Tides or dampened by bands of rain.    Weak high pressure is currently “in charge” but it’s not going to hold for too much longer.   The weather map shows a series of disturbances that basically flank the Florida peninsula.   Most importantly (but least timely) is a large batch of tropical moisture that sits south, over much of the northwestern Caribbean.   Eventually, that deeper moisture is due in our region but it will hold off for the weekend!   Meanwhile, a weak cold front has slipped into the sweltering southeastern states.   The boundary isn’t likely to play much of a role in our local set up, because it dissolves Sunday too far north.   Finally, to the very distant north and west (and on the heels of the aforementioned cold front) is a stronger cold front that will probably push into central or south Florida before stalling out next week.   Depending on its stalled position (models suggest near Lake Okeechobee) it’s likely to become a focal point for unsettled weather.   Rain and thunderstorms will probably be triggered into next week anywhere remotely close to the “frontal hang-up”.    There’s also the potential for heavy rain periods which could lead to flooding hazards.   The bottom line?   Following a fairly tranquil weekend, we’ll see early week winds ramp up, then soggy times seem likely.