Improving, for now

Weather improvement is underway for south Florida.  It’s very good timing, as the new weekend begins.   The next couple of days will bring bright sunshine and breezy conditions.   Of course, the heat will hold too, as highs will reach our seasonal average (at least) in the upper 80s.  Hurricane Matthew is moving away from the northeast corner of Florida.   The system is now sending flooding rain waters to a large section of the southeastern United States.   Matthew will likely remain a hurricane for another day or so.  Then, it should weaken gradually back to tropical storm strength.   Heading into next week, there are two possibilities for Matthew…   It could be drawn northward (and up the eastern seaboard).  However, this appears NOT to be the favored track.   The other, more likely scenario, would be a general “curl” to the east then south.   Basically, it would be a broad loop.   If that happens, Matthew would greatly weaken and the northwestern Bahamas could potentially get impacts AGAIN from Matthew… but this time as a weak tropical storm or depression.   Beyond the Bahamas, there’s a remote chance that south Florida could get some minor associated weather.   Mostly, it seems, wind and rain would be offshore in the western Atlantic during the midweek.  Stay tuned and enjoy a beautiful and mainly dry weekend.