Hottest this year (so far)

The hot weather has been building and building.   On Saturday, highs even reached levels not felt since the middle of last year!   For example, Miami hit 95 degrees.  It was our hottest day since last June (when we last made it into the mid 90’s).   Miami was 1 degree shy of the record which dated back, over a century, to 1902!   Even the Keys got into the act.   Key West reached 90, which tied the record in the Lower Florida Keys.   What’s the reason for this extra-hot weather?   In addition to a stronger sun angle in late May, we’re also under the influence of weak high pressure that’s nearby.   The high is giving us light winds that are still mainly out of the south.   A more typical wind flow (off the ocean) would help to curb temperatures slightly.   That switch should happen gradually next week.  In the meantime, it’s a steamy set up for the rest of the holiday weekend.   Expect more temperatures elevating to the lower and middle 90’s.   It will be hotter away from the coast.  Also, the humidity is noticeable everywhere and tends to make it feel roughly 10 degrees above the actual air temperature.   Our “heat index,” or feels-like reading, will be above 100 during parts of the day…  making safety precautions necessary.   If you’re going to have strong exposure to the heat, make sure you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.    Wear light and loose fitting clothing, too.  It’s also important to apply sunscreen regularly.    Don’t get burned as the sun is now at extreme levels!   Finally, limit strenuous activity and don’t over exert yourself during peak heating periods in the afternoon.   Have a safe Memorial Day holiday.