Happy Saturday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful start to the weekend because it sure was a gorgeous one! Beautiful blue skies, just a few passing clouds and warm temperatures sums up our Saturday here in South Florida. So if you liked it warm then you surely loved what the first half of the weekend had in store for us.  And once again if you like it warm, then you may like what the second half of the weekend has in store for us.  We woke up to calm and quiet conditions earlier today but temperatures were still on the warm side which means it will only get warmer from here.

On  Saturday a front dropped south across our state as a high-pressure system over the Atlantic began to break down and move farther away from us. This front was a rather weak one so it doesn’t have enough energy to actually clear South Florida. Instead this front has come close but is forecast to stall out just to the north of our area. That means that South Florida will remain on the warm and icky side (as I like to call it) once again throughout the day today.  [Spoiler alert: this weak front will begin to lift north away from us starting on Monday.]

So what can we expect today?  Now that the front has stalled to the north of us, South Florida will remain on the warm side of the front.  So apart from a few morning coastal showers that we saw earlier today, South Florida will remain mainly dry with only a few spotty to isolated showers in the forecast.  Our afternoon high temperatures once again will come close to 90°. The good thing is that the front I mentioned above will slowly begin to lift back north away from us for the start of the work week.

As we head into next week you’ll notice a few things. For one, rain chances will be limited across South Florida for a few days. But as that front lifts north, it means our wind direction will be out of the South again. This will help keep our afternoon high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s each day, with a few locations possibly reaching 90°. The breeze will also begin to pick up to the first half of the work week so expect a few breezy days, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Each day will be a lot like the day before until we get to the end of the week where another front tries to reach South Florida. This will help bring moisture back into our area with the possibility of a few showers.  Spoiler Alert: models are hinting that this front could actually clear South Florida.  We will have to wait and see how it all plays out.