Holiday warmth

Warmer than normal temperatures are here, just in time for Valentine’s Day.   Ironically, there’s a cold front straddling south Florida but it’s without any cooling whatsoever.   The weak boundary will allow for more clouds, though.  Meanwhile, rain chances will be “slight” and insignificant.   The bigger story involves a switch in winds on Wednesday.  As our wind flow strengthens out of the south, we’ll get our warmest and most humid period of the week.    Southerly air will send temperatures into the middle 80’s, which is in record territory!  The record high for Miami (Wednesday) is 86 degrees, by the way.  We should have a good shot at matching that temperature high during the afternoon.  As the week continues, another cold front will move our way.  This one will bring areas of rain expanding out of the Gulf waters then sprouting-up as the front approaches on Thursday.  It’s also worth noting that minor cooling will also shift into the state.   Friday is earmarked as the coolest day of the forecast period.   Winds will temporarily come from the north, bringing beautifully clear weather.   You may want to make the most of the sunshine (late week) since increasing clouds are expected for the upcoming weekend.