Here comes a front

A cold front is slowly drifting down the Florida peninsula.   In the wake of the boundary we’ll see a fair number of clouds (at least in the short run).   Some of these extra clouds will produce light rain, too, but mostly north and west of Lake Okeechobee.   The future of the front looks pretty clear.  We expect it to push southward toward the Keys before falling apart by late Thursday or Friday.   The next weather change will follow, and it’s one that many people will like!   In the midst of high pressure rebuilding over the southeastern states, south Florida will bask in the sun on Veterans Day.  Since winds will turn out of the northeast, we’ll have low humidity and pleasant air as we round out the week.  Daytime highs will be close to normal, reaching the 80 degree mark on a regular basis.   Where we’ll notice a slight difference in weather is during the nights ahead.   Temperature readings will retreat into the lower and middle 60’s for a cooler change.