Hello Gert, Goodbye Gert

Tropical Storm Gert has formed in the western Atlantic.   The season’s latest storm is currently over very warm water, east of the Bahamas.   Gert may get stronger through Tuesday.   Then, it’s likely to weaken and race northward (without any land impact).   On Sunday, the tropical system was “as close” as it would get to south Florida (which wasn’t that close at all).   It remained 550 miles away… and way too far to generate clouds or even a breeze!    Meanwhile, hot times continue across the region.  Miami registered 95 degrees early on Sunday afternoon marking the second highest reading of the summer.   The hotter than average temperatures, lately, have been the result of both a southerly air flow and the general lack of rain.   Looking ahead, a few downpours will be possible during the early week but with limited coverage.   The early week focus involves some spotty morning showers as the sea breeze moves inland.   Then, afternoon storms will likely pop between the western suburbs and Everglades.    At that point, don’t rule out the potential for a few thunderstorms drifting back toward the metro areas during the evening rush or dinnertime.    There’s a decent chance of  that activity trying to push back eastward, from the Gulf sea breeze.    As we continue through the week, temperatures will stay above average and extra steamy.   Only light winds will persist, too, due to high pressure over the eastern Gulf of Mexico (as well as the big Bermuda high in the Atlantic).   It’s really a stubborn pattern but it runs true to what we often see during mid August.   Just a reminder, keep checking  with us for tropical weather updates.   We’re now approaching the point of the season when tropical activity often ramps up.   The very peak of the 2017 hurricane season is now just 4 weeks away.