Heating up

Ready or not, higher heat is heading our way!    A surge of very warm weather is poised to shift into south Florida as we close out the week.   Temperature highs will push well into the 80’s along with building humidity on Friday.   This comes as we end the month of March (which has often featured mild air in south Florida).   The uptick is due to a strengthening flow out of the south.    The weather map shows that to our east is high pressure over the ocean.   Then, to our west is a cold front that extends into the Gulf of Mexico.   It’s part of a large storm system that’s raking across the Mississippi River.   The strongest dynamics will be south of low pressure and ahead of the front (in the short run).   Also, “severe storm potential” currently spans from Mississippi into Tennessee, then north into Kentucky and Indiana.   Over time, rain and storm energy will extend across the eastern third of the nation.   Florida isn’t expected to be nearly as impacted as other states, though.   The trailing front will gradually dip into our region without bringing cooling.   The boundary might spawn a few showers on Friday, nothing widespread.   During the weekend we should see the front diminish.   Then, warm weather will hold through the foreseeable future.