There’s a wind shift on the way, and I think you’re going to feel the difference (and like it) south Florida!   On Saturday, our air was arriving from the west and that sent us very “heated” conditions.   As winds turn into Sunday, drier air will filter into the region and humidity levels will fall.   So will it be a taste of fall?   Not too much.   Temperatures will be seasonal with highs mainly in the upper 80s.  It’s worth noting that on Saturday, Key West reached 90 degrees and tied the record for the date.   Meanwhile, Miami and Fort Lauderdale soared even a couple degrees hotter but missed records by 1 degree.   As we start the new week, expect a helpful ocean breeze.   Also, we’ll remain mostly dry… at least into Monday.   Looking ahead, a weak cold front is expected to slide into Florida from north to south.   The future of the boundary will mark the difference between wetter weather for us, or not!   Some of the forecast maps drive the front all the way south through the Florida Keys, but that might be wishful thinking.  In reality, I suspect the front will approach Lake Okeechobee and then “put its brakes on.”   The current forecast calls for the front to send more clouds with a few showers (especially if the front stalls out in the vicinity).   Once the front dissipates, then, we’ll see clearing again with only a few showers on the breeze.  Finally, in the tropics, Hurricane Matthew is slowly moving away from the middle Atlantic states.   It’s also weakening and losing tropical characteristics.   Over the next couple of days it should either get absorbed by a cold front or just weaken to remnants and “wander.”    Either way, land areas will likely not be impacted again from the system known as Matthew.


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