Heating up

We felt the temperatures on the rise at the very start of the weekend and it’s only the beginning of a hotter trend.   A growing heat wave for south Florida is actually arriving “on time” (considering summer is less than 3 weeks away).   By the way, in most years we get a progressive warm up transitioning toward these hotter times.   However, in May, there was so much rain and overcast conditions that Miami didn’t even chalk up one 90-degree day!    That’s about to change now that we’re into June.   Starting Sunday afternoon we’ll be able to tell that a south Florida heat wave is underway.   The reason?   Air will arrive from the steamy southwest, followed by a westerly flow.   In this set up, the “offshore flow” will allow heat to build while over land (instead of the more typical ocean air pattern which helps keep our temperatures in check).   As for record high potential, we may come within a couple degrees of records even though it’s doubtful we surpass actual records.   They’re in the middle 90’s over the next few days.    It’s worth noting, any batch of high or mid level clouds could “curb” temperatures to some extent.   If clouds thicken early enough in the afternoon, for example, readings may remain stagnant near the 90-degree mark during part of the peak heating period.   The forecast calls for occasional clouds mixing in with our steamy sunshine as highs peak in the lower 90’s.   When factoring the humidity, the heat index will likely make it feel like it’s above 100 degrees!  Finally, rain prospects don’t appear high as the new week begins but isolated showers will still be possible, mainly late in the day.