Heat & Isolated Downpours

South Florida Weather

The extra dry air that was in place yesterday is moving away and a more typical pattern is setting up shop. An ocean breeze will drive in some isolated downpours, but overall rain chance is low. By Friday, scattered storms return in the afternoon.

Temperatures will be hot ranging into the 90’s and feeling more like the 100’s in several spots. In fact, the heat will be dangerous around the Gulf coast, that Heat Advisory is in effect.

Tropical Update

The tropics are getting crowded as we are watching 5 areas!

1. Nana now a tropical storm over Guatemala.

2. Omar barely holding on as a depression in the Northern Atlantic.

3. Low pressure in the Central Atlantic now has a medium chance to form.

4. Wave South of the Cape Verde Islands has high chance to form when in moves into Central Atlantic during the next 5 days.

5. Wave over Africa will move into the Eastern Atlantic this weekend and have a low chance to develop.

Have a wonderful day South Florida and make it a safe one!

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified

WSVN Channel 7