Tropical heat is firmly holding over the region.   There’s also a huge supply of summer steam (thick humidity) that doesn’t show any signs of breaking.   While temperatures are still well shy of any records, they are running a bit above average for this point in July.  The overall weather map looks very similar to what it looked like all of last week.   High pressure is our dominant “weather player” across Florida while extending across the region.   It’s providing us with light onshore winds and limiting the number of thunderstorms reaching our coast.   Just the same, cloud patches with showers may still make a run from the ocean waters.   During the day, the east coast sea breeze will contribute to scattered rain activity during the peak heating of the day (mainly).   Watch for a few passing downpours.  Forecast models suggest a slight uptick in the number of rain bands from Tuesday into Wednesday.  After that, it’s a sluggish and familiar set up with wetter conditions expected over interior sections of south Florida.

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