Heat, haze and smoke

It’s a quiet weather pattern highlighted by unseasonably warm temperatures and a smoky sky (for some).    At least two brush fires flared up over the past day.   Both formed in the dry conditions over southern Miami-Dade.   For a time on Monday, Card Sound road (leading into the Keys) was closed due to low visibility from smoke.   Since winds are arriving off the ocean, the majority of lingering smoke will drift toward rural western Dade and into the Everglades.   Meanwhile, a layer of haze has been hanging around and covering much of the metro area.   Heading into Tuesday, there could be reduced visibility especially for locations well inland.   The current weather pattern is going to last a lot longer.   High pressure will hold firmly in place over the western Atlantic.   At the same time, a large upper ridge will extend out of the Gulf of Mexico and into Florida which will act as a block for any potential fronts.   All of this spells tranquil weather with no changes over the next week.   This warmth will continue to resemble springtime.   Temperatures are running up to 10-degrees above average at night and more than 5-degrees “warmer than normal” during the day.   This will have many flocking to area beaches.   It will be great if you’re seeking sunshine and warm water, but there is a continued risk of rip currents due to the onshore wind pattern.