Happy New Year!

On the first day of the year, Miami had a warm high of 80-degrees.   As we go forward, the warmth is going to back down for awhile (and we won’t feel 80 again until next week).   A cold front has reached south Florida and it’s slowing down.   Along with the front, an area of low pressure has formed.   The low will eventually shift away, but until it does, we’ll have frequent clouds and times of rain.   The best chance for showers will actually be from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning.   Beginning Wednesday night, rain bands will exit as much drier and cooler weather sweeps in.    You’ll want to keep the jacket and sweaters handy.  South Florida temperatures are likely to fall to the coldest levels of the season, so far!   Rare 40-degree readings will arrive by the time you wake up Thursday morning.   The cold blast will hold into the upcoming weekend but start to ease by Sunday.   The strong winter chill is due to plunging cold air from the north.   There’s a deep dip in the jet stream that’s sending it our way.   Over time (into early next week) the jet will retreat and local winds will turn off the ocean once again.   That will probably signal the next time many return to south Florida beaches!