Goodbye, High!

High pressure is departing.   It was responsible for a beautiful Sunday, all across Florida!

Temperatures have been the main “weather focus” over recent days.  On Sunday, here’s the official check of numbers (which included a colder start to the day, for south Florida).   Milder times followed into the afternoon with pleasant air in place.

There is a new weather feature that’s on the way.   Notice on the big satellite view that there’s a long stretch of clouds.   Buried beneath them is an area of low pressure.   The disturbance is moving toward Florida and will trigger some rain, in favored areas.

On the Monday weather map we see the low centered just west of Tampa, by late in the afternoon.   Interestingly, the most recent forecast models are showing MUCH LESS rain approaching our region (and arriving even later in the day).    What’s the thinking, or reasoning, that data seems to be picking up on?   It’s a weakening of the disturbance, especially as it drifts east and south.   Areas of rain may even “split” before much impact around south Florida.

Here’s a look at rain chances for this all-important week.   Minimal showers could dampen areas during the beginning and end of the week.  Actually, the highest rain chance comes late Friday into Saturday with a spread of deeper moisture.   At this point, Super Bowl Sunday  looks fine with drying (and some cooling) expected.