Going down

Temperatures are cooling down after the passage of a cold front.   On Wednesday, the front was crossing south Florida while sparking afternoon showers and even a rare bit of thunder.   Technically, the rain event was notable because of so few showers over the past couple months.   As we continue into the home stretch of the week, deep drying is making a comeback along with the cooler air.   The cooling will “peak” Friday morning when temperatures will range from the upper 40’s (western suburbs) to the lower and middle 50’s (metro and coast).   If you’re thinking about the weekend, high pressure will be centered directly over Florida.   That will make for lighter winds and mostly clear skies.   That high won’t hold, though, for very long.   As it departs we’ll be tracking yet another cold front.    Most of the forecast models show that the next front will reach us on Monday.   There could be some isolated showers in its wake, by the way.   Then, it will seem like “deja vu” as temperatures settle back to cooler than average levels, for March.   Don’t forget… this is the weekend that we change our clocks.   As Daylight Saving Time begins (2:00 am on Sunday) we’ll lose an hour of time.   That’s as we adjust our clocks forward one-hour.