Getting Warmer

Temperatures have been notching up.   Suddenly, we’re on the warm side of  what’s normal for late March.   The upward trend still has plenty of momentum and readings will rise well into the 80’s by the end of the week.   By the way, if that happens, it will be among the warmest weather we’ve had so far this year!   This surge is due to southerly air on the back side of high pressure.   The high will linger over the western Atlantic and weather changes will be hard to come by.    The main thing for us to watch will be the future proximity of a front.   The boundary is currently attached to a large storm system in the middle of the nation.   Rain and storms continue to spread across the Mississippi River Valley region.   Then,  severe concerns extend into the Gulf states.   The most soggy weather will stay focused around low pressure that gradually heads into northeastern states.   In Florida, we’ll continue to watch the trailing front which will likely arrive by the weekend.   The presence of the disturbance could bring instability across much of the state,  leading to thunderstorms during the afternoon hours.   As for the associated cooling, it will remain very far from us.  We’ll continue to have a steamy start to the month of April.