When the week began, nice and dry air was in place all across the region. Humidity levels were even quite comfortable (which isn’t common at the beginning of October)! Slowly, but surely, the drier conditions have been eroding around us. Now, the stage is set for wetter times ahead, especially once a front moves across the Florida Peninsula, from Friday through Saturday. At this point, that boundary is still too far away (in the Gulf of Mexico) to trigger rain and storms. On Thursday, there’s nothing to suggest more than seeing isolated showers, with potential storms, mainly forming near the Everglades. Basically, we’ll remain in a holding pattern. As we wait for the front, there’s going to be noticeably high humidity along with hotter-than-typical temperatures across south Florida. It’ll be a “familiar” pattern since it’s basically a continuation of the summer season (despite fall arriving a couple weeks ago). As you start making weekend plans, you’ll likely need to factor-in the unsettled weather. At this point, it looks like at least a couple rounds of rain along with the potential for heavy downpours. Some of the more significant stuff could move in as early as Friday afternoon, but most models show heavier activity rotating over us from late Friday through Saturday. That should be the wettest period. Will the entire weekend be a wash-out? It depends how far south the approaching front moves and how persistent it becomes. There’s more than one scenario that depicts the chance for the front to retreat (northward) into Sunday. If so, that could actually provide improving conditions, possibly making Sunday a “diamond in the rough” day, with clearing and drying. Stay tuned for further updates.

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