From wetter to better

Finally, we’re no longer tapping into moisture out of the tropics.   When the week began, a persistent southwest flow kept the moisture flowing into south Florida and the region.  That surge was broken recently upon a wind change.  Does it mean “deep drying” for the rest of the week, including the weekend?    Not totally.   From Friday on, expect only stray showers arriving from the Atlantic.   Enjoy slightly less humidity, too, as northeast winds hold around high pressure.   The distant high (to our north and northeast) will build over time.   As a result, look for a strengthening onshore breeze which will likely get gusty near the coast.   If you’re heading to the beach, you’ll need to be aware of rip currents as a swimming hazard.   The next weather change is several days away.   By the middle of next week another frontal boundary could push southward into Florida.   If it sags far enough south, we’ll find heat and humidity growing ahead of it.   Then, we could see the return of rain with thunderstorms (depending on the push and position of the front itself).  Stay tuned.