Happy Tuesday, South Florida!

After a wet weekend in South Florida, the start of the work week was not any better.  A nearly-stationary low pressure system over the Gulf of Mexico helped funnel in lots of tropical moisture across much of our Sunshine State.  But it looks like after days of rain, South Florida could be in for some *slight* improvement from the rain today.

After starting the morning off with mild temperatures closer to average for this time of year, it looks like the steamy temperatures return to the forecast this afternoon, trending warmer than the last few days.  The reason for this?  A Southerly wind component mixed together with steamy sunshine will help those afternoon temperatures soar into the mid 90s.  The only problem is that with the abundant moisture in the air, the FEELS LIKE temperatures will be in the 100s across much of South Florida.  Needless to say keeping hydrated this will be very important next few days.

While a few isolated to scattered thunderstorms are possible again this afternoon, coverage is not expected to be as widespread with the best storm chances this afternoon pushing North towards the Lake region.  So while rain & storms aren’t completely out of the forecast, today will technically be the “driest day” of the week.  And after the days of rain we just experienced in South Florida, I would say we will take what we can get!

Storm chances begin to go up again by the end of the work week, with the wettest day of the week so far looking like Thursday.  By the end of the work week, the return of an ocean breeze should help afternoon temperature moderate to near-seasonal.  Unfortunately, while temperatures become a bit more tolerable, it looks like tropical moisture makes its way back into the forecast for the upcoming weekend.

And speaking of this weekend….it’s Father’s Day!  Showers & thunderstorms will be a big part of the forecast for Dad’s weekend so be sure to plan accordingly and have that umbrella with you at all times.

Real quick mention of the Tropics….all is quiet right now.  Plenty of dry air (in the form of Saharan Dust) has pushed off of the West coast of Africa and has extended well into the Central Atlantic.  This has [thankfully] kept the few tropical waves currently over the Atlantic in check.

Remember to keep that rain gear with you through the rest of the week!


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