Following Fronts

We’re seeing more and more cold fronts diving down from the north.   While you won’t hear “stop the presses” on that news, it bodes well for milder air moving our way.   On Tuesday, a cold front was drifting over south Florida.   It was the first of two fronts likely to pass through our area, this week!   This one was accompanied by clouds and rain showers.   Behind it, though, there’s only limited cool weather heading into the middle of the week.   Why is it that all cold fronts aren’t created equally?   Simply put, it boils down to a couple of things: how quickly winds switch around behind the boundary, and what kind of upper support is following the front.  When the jet stream is rather deep driven (with a trough getting carved out) there’s often more ability for cooling.   That’s what should happen this weekend, by the way.   In the meantime, we’re in between cold fronts.   Clearing will come as high pressure gets organized over the southeastern states. In time, the high will drift across the eastern seaboard and our local winds will turn off the ocean (again).  That should happen by Thursday and Friday with modest warming and a steady breeze.   Finally, the next front is forecast to quickly come down during the day on Saturday.   It won’t have much moisture, so showers will be limited, at best.   After some temporary cloud cover, the front will scoot through shifting cooler air into the region.  At this point, models are suggesting at least 1 or 2 nights with lows dipping into the 50’s.   If that happens, it will be the coolest of the season, thus far.  It may also become necessary to drag out the jackets during the early part of next week (late at night and during the early morning hours)!   Just as we’re thinking about the cool season impressing upon us, there’s a disturbance in the tropics.   The National Hurricane Center is tracking a broad area of low pressure that’s deep down in the Caribbean Sea.  It has a high development chance and it could become a late season depression or storm.  Regardless,  any system would weaken quickly upon meeting up with a front early next week.