We’ve been getting a truly “small preview” of fall.   It comes off the heels of a weak cold front (our first to pass of the autumn season, so far).   As the work week continues, south Florida will remain in a holding pattern.   Winds will be light and variable arriving off the Atlantic.   Meanwhile, we await our next front, from a system that’s slowly organizing over the Gulf of Mexico.

Clouds are more persistent over the western Atlantic waters and now covering the northwest Bahamas.   Generally, it’s the remains of the Florida front that passed our region late Sunday.

At least two more cold fronts (although still distant) will be heading our way over the next week.   These will impact the region beginning this weekend and, upon crossing, should bring an extended period of pleasant weather.

Prior to Saturday, south Florida will actually feel quite warm, especially with enough sunshine.   Nighttime temperatures will continue to run mild (and near average) while daytime readings peak in the middle to upper 80’s.   Temperatures will eventually settle back to highs near 80, and lows in the 60’s.   What’s notable about that is the fact that we (in south Florida) haven’t had temperatures below 70-degrees since last May.   The pattern change will commence during the weekend with comfortable conditions holding through Halloween, which is next Wednesday.



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