Fly-by showers

The sky, and weather, may seem like a water faucet over the next couple days.   When the faucet is on, we’ll get bursts of rain.   Still, though, there will be times in which the “lever” will appear to be in the off position.    Batches of rain could send you seeking cover while most downpours will be short-lived.  These fast flying rain bands result from both extra moisture (from the east) and stronger wind speeds.    On Saturday, the majority of wet weather was focused around the Keys and offshore in the Atlantic.   Now, as the new week begins, we’re all under the same umbrella (pun intended) for scattered rainfall.   This comes as low pressure meanders high in the sky, from a non-tropical low that continues churning over the region.    Expect more cloud cover, although glimpses of sunshine will still be possible.   The stronger winds are building into Florida as distant high pressure strengthens over the eastern seaboard of the United States.    For Florida, that means gusty times, especially near the coast.    With this onshore pattern in place we’ll have to expect rip currents at the beach so ocean swimming isn’t advised.     Also, boaters are likely to have difficulty with the higher seas and rough conditions.    As the week continues, it will be difficult to break out of this breezy set up.  Moisture levels will tend to drop, though.  All of this may bring a hint of fall into our area.   No, temperatures won’t be fall-like but stronger winds may make it feel like a giant fan blowing our way!    That wind flow, at least, helps curb the stubbornly hot and humid air.