Florence Causing A Flood Of Trouble

Local Weather:

South Florida our winds today will be out of the South to Southwest and allow lots of heat to get pumped into the area. Sea breeze storms are expected to start inland and move towards the coast. By Sunday, it will be drier with the wind swinging around out of the East. The return of ocean type air will keep everything well inland in the afternoons and high temperatures above average. Our next best rain chance will start on Wednesday.

Tracking Florence:

Florence is moving slowly across South Carolina. It continues to produce catastrophic flooding over portions of North and South Carolina. The majority of the strong bands are training to the East of the center over North Carolina where a tornado watch remains in effect. Some areas have already received over 20 inches of rain. Storm totals will range between 20 to 30 inches with isolated amounts of up to 40 inches. The threat for coastal storm surge is subsiding, but water levels are running above normal and the heavy rainfall will continue to be a serious hazard with slow-moving Florence.

On the forecast track, it is expected to weaken to a depression by tonight and move North in 72 hours. Eventually a front will carry the remnants to the Northeast and back into to the Atlantic next week. In the meantime, Florence promises to bring historic rainfall amounts and flooding to the Mid-Atlantic states.

Isaac dissipated in the Caribbean Sea. Remnant moisture will be monitored.

Helene is approaching the Azores and expected to produce strong winds and heavy rainfall. The center will move to the North of the Azores on Sunday and fall apart by Tuesday.

Joyce is moving East with no chance in strength. On the forecast track, it will stay South of the Azores.

Have a great day South Florida and make it a safe one!

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified

WSVN Channel 7