Happy Saturday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a great work week! If you like it warm then you most definitely liked what the last few days had in store for us here in South Florida. A weak front came through our area on Friday and that not only brought some showers back into the forecast but has also brought some bigger changes for us through this weekend. And this morning we started to feel the difference not only as far as humidity but also as far as our temperatures were concerned. It was quite cool!

So the front that came through our area on Friday is now just to the south of South Florida. And that’s exactly where the front will remain through much of the weekend. The only difference is there will be an area of low pressure that is forecast to develop along that same front. And with this front so close by, that area of low pressure (together with its front) will impact our conditions here in South Florida.

As far as today is concerned, South Florida will finally experience that relief from the heat that we have been waiting for. Instead of temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, South Florida will once again enjoy seasonable temperatures in the upper 70s,…just in time for the first day of Spring!  While showers can’t be ruled out (especially with that front nearby), South Florida should be mostly dry through much of the day today.

The second half of the weekend promises a similar set up as today. After a cool start in the lower 60s, South Florida can expect afternoon high temperatures to be comfortable in the upper 70s once again.  The only difference is that our wind pattern will begin to change. Wind direction will possibly be out of the Northeast on Sunday and with that area of low pressure nearby, some of the showers offshore could affect portions of South Florida especially along our coastal locations. Our weekend will not be a complete washout but keep in mind that we could see a shower from time to time so it is best to keep the umbrella with you just in case.

Looking ahead, as that area of low pressure (the one that will develop just off of our coastline) moves away at the start of the work week, it will take the moisture with it, bringing fewer clouds and more sunshine to start the week.  And of course with winds eventually veering out of the Southeast, it will trigger a warming trend across South Florida. So put temperatures will be back into the lower 80s by the start of the week under mostly sunny and dry conditions continuing through much of the week. But by the time the end of the week arrives, our wind direction will be out of the South to Southwest and this will warm our afternoon  temperatures to the mid 80s once again. And with an approaching front we could see a few showers return by the end of the week.