Feeling the warmth

We expect warm weather in south Florida, but not “this warm” especially in the month of December!   On Saturday, Miami reached 85 degrees and tied the record for the date.  Usually we expect the middle to upper 70’s for the middle part of December.   Perhaps more impressive than our daytime temperatures are those we’ve been getting at night.   Nighttime lows have been running between 10 and 15 degrees above average, lately.  This surprisingly warm air has been spreading into the region on the back of high pressure anchored north of the Bahamas.   Throughout the start of the week, there won’t be a detectable weather change.   Winds from the southeast will hold while humidity stays higher than what’s typical for this time of  year.   As moisture increases slightly, small rain showers can’t be ruled out (near the coast and Keys, especially).   General rain coverage isn’t likely to be meaningful as we start the new week.   Looking ahead, there is a distant front we’ll be watching.   The boundary is very strong at the moment as it meets up with warm and moist air coming out of the Gulf of Mexico.  The cold front also has a lot of cold air support so temperatures are plummeting over many states!   The chilly air will brush into the southeastern states but largely track toward the east coast of the United States.   Forecast models have Florida maintaining the warm weather for at least the next week.   That front, by the way, will tend to weaken and diminish over the northern half of our state by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Since the significant cooling will lag well behind the frontal boundary, our area will stay very warm with more records still within reach.