Feeling the Heat

The Miami Heat and its players aren’t the only headlines this week! South Florida certainly experienced the heat with near record temperatures. While we reached the 90s, conditions felt much hotter in the 100s. In fact, the National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory on Tuesday. Although this was allowed to expire, still make sure to follow these heat safety tips! Some include wearing lightweight clothing, staying in air-conditioned places, drinking plenty of water, and not being out for long stretches of time. In addition to this, practice car safety by not leaving children or pets unattended. To give you an idea, the sun can heat up a car an extra 20° in just 10 minutes!




Believe it or not, these hot temperatures are attributed to dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa. This plume of drier air eventually makes its way through the Atlantic and to portions of the Eastern Seaboard. South Florida noticed its effects on Monday as haze blurred the summer sunshine and expanded the mercury in your thermometers.




Over the weekend, high pressure is expected to relax and allow moisture to return to the forecast. Conditions will not be a complete washout! Rain chances only increase to seasonal values. Especially for inland locations, storms will affect these areas during the afternoon. Outdoor, beach, or boating activities should be done early.




As for the Tropics, your Storm Station is not following any areas of possible development. The Atlantic, Gulf, and Caribbean waters are nice and quiet – just the way we like it!




Meteorologist Natacha Galindo

Weather Producer

WSVN, Channel 7