Happy Saturday, South Florida!

While Summer officially began on Friday, we have been feeling that MIAMI HEAT for some time now.  Temperatures the last few days have continued to warm and today will be no different.  Afternoon high temperatures on the first official day of Summer reached into the mid 90s and it looks like South Florida is headed in that same direction today.

Unusually drier air & a broad high pressure system over the Atlantic will leave for another mainly rain-free day across South Florida.  As if that weren’t enough, a layer of Saharan Dust from the West Coast of Africa has made its way across the Atlantic & some of it remains over South Florida (which is why our sky has been a bit on the milky side the last few days)!  Now let’s add a southerly wind component and this will help temperatures soar into the mid to low 90s again this afternoon.

As if all of THAT weren’t enough….factor in the humidity and heat indices (the FEELS LIKE TEMPS) will soar well into the 100s!  Afternoon temperatures down in the Keys today will be feeling anywhere between 105-110 degrees so a HEAT ADVISORY could be issued  for some areas across South Florida. While we should all keep hydrated today, spending any significant time outdoors today is not advised.

While hot, hazy & humid conditions continue through the much of the weekend, temperatures have the potential to be remain just as steamy as the last few days.  Heat advisories could possibly be issued for some spots across South Florida later today as well.  While the weekend should remain mostly dry, isolated storms try to make their way back into the forecast during the afternoon hours, especially across Interior sections.  South Florida will begin to see a better chance on Sunday and especially for the start of the upcoming work week.

As we round the corner into the middle of the week, a few disturbances will help re-introduce showers and thunderstorms back into the forecast.  The rain, together with the return of the ocean breeze, should help moderate temperatures a bit, knocking them down to near-average for this time of year.  So while South Florida will enjoy dry conditions for the first weekend of Summer, the heat will be something we will need to worry about it today and tomorrow.

As dry air leaves quiet conditions across South Florida, it is also affecting the Tropics.  While a few tropical waves remained lined up anywhere from the West Coast of Africa all the way through Central America, the dry air over the Atlantic has kept them in check.  No tropical development of any sort is expected within the next 2-5 days.

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