Fantastic, for now!

We’re in the heart of a fantastic weather pattern.   Skies have been mainly clear and the air is much drier than it was when we started the week.   Florida also happens to be in good company with these quiet spring conditions.   The focus is on high pressure that stretches out of the Gulf of Mexico and across the southeastern states.   Over time, the high will slide into the Atlantic and we’ll be susceptible to more moisture.    Although there’s still some uncertainty with the late week forecast (from inconsistencies in forecast models and timing) the general trend includes wetter conditions.   You’ll want to enjoy Thursday as a continuation of dry and sunny weather.   Then, Friday is what we’ll call our “transition day”.    We’re expecting an increase clouds and humidity as tropical moisture starts surging northward out of the Caribbean.   Once this surge arrives, the soggy weather won’t be far behind!   Rain and storm chances will probably be high throughout the Mother’s Day weekend.    Of course, there will be some breaks in rain but heavy downpours are likely and we may need to watch for impressive accumulations.   That potential could exist as wind speeds remain light, allowing areas of rain to pile up over time.   This wetter pattern could also linger well into next week.   That’s if low pressure forms in the Gulf, as some long range models suggest.   All of this basically coincides with the start of the south Florida rainy season which begins on May 15.